Lilibri is a fairy who works as an independent scholar and historian, and keeps her own library - she bears the Sacred Blossom Lily, found in a hollowed out old journal, which she now keeps in a scroll case slung over her shoulder. She is cheerful and passionate about her work, if occasionally a little bit scatter-brained.
Strelitz is a fiendkin child and self-made delinquent who constantly strives to live up to his demonic heritage, in contrast to his laid-back fiendkin parents. He holds the Sacred Blossom Bird of Paradise, his village's treasure, which he swiped for his own purposes.
Penny & Deony are human twins who live on their own, practicing their trade as tailors. Not knowing their birth parents, they were left on a seamstress's doorstep along with the Sacred Blossom Peony. The energetic sister Penny has an eye for business and fashion, always trying promotional stunts to attract customers, while the demure brother Deony has great talent and patience for sewing, but is fairly shy and withdrawn.
Ore Kid is a free spirited dwarven treasure hunter who discovered the Sacred Blossom Orchid locked away in an abandoned mine. Unlike other dwarves, who tend to be insular and community-focused, Ore Kid is an independent wanderer, following her whims and little else. (Despite her name, she's actually a young adult - Ore Kid is a nickname which stuck.)
Daize is a beastkin freelancer who ekes out a precious living, doing odd jobs in a city-state with a sharp wealth divide ruled by an aloof gentry class. His lapel pin is the Sacred Blossom Daisy, which he won in a bet. Despite suffering constant indignities, he always keeps a smile and hopes for the best, and is quick to help others in need.
Yosoti is a legendary centaur dancer, the latest in a long line of performers - all of whom shared the name Yosoti and wore the Sacred Blossom Forget-me-not during their performances. Confident and kind-hearted, Yosoti is adept at capturing eyes and hearts, but secretly harbors complicated feelings about their legacy.
Rosalia is an elven knight who gave an arm and an eye to protect a human kingdom. Though she was rewarded the Sacred Blossom Rose for her bravery, the kingdom she served slowly dissolved over the centuries, and is now a mere footnote in history, leaving her to contemplate her purpose alone.