About the Game

What is Petal Crash?

Easy to learn and rewarding to master, Petal Crash is a brand new puzzle game in the tradition of the arcade action puzzlers of the mid 90s. Like the games that inspired it, Petal Crash features a variety of single player challenges in addition to an intense head-to-head versus mode. The rules are simple - push a block any direction, and it'll keep going until it hits a wall or another block. If it hits a block of the same color, the blocks will burst, sending any other blocks next to them flying! Line them up just right to create huge chain reactions, racking up points and burying your opponents in garbage!

Petal Crash is a game by Tim Ashley Jenkins, creator of Grapple Force Rena, and features music by Michael Staple and dialogue written by Zack Morrison!

The Story

Petal Crash takes place in the land of Florea, a loosely-connected smattering of city-states where people of many different fantasy races coexist with one another. Though the land is divided, it's said that it was once a united and prosperous country, where the people enjoyed a lasting peace presided over by the seven Sacred Blossoms, relics of great power assembled in the Royal Garden. How Florea came to be divided is lost to history, and the legend of the scattered Sacred Blossoms has turned to myth: whoever finds all seven and returns them to the Royal Garden will receive their heart's true desire.


The Game

Petal Crash features a variety of game modes to suit the tastes and whims of a wide variety of puzzle game fans!

Solo Play challenges you to score as high as possible within certain limits - Time Trial gives you a few minutes to make as many clears as you can, or Turn Trial challenges you to score well with a limited number of moves. Challenge yourself to set a new personal best and get the highest ranking you can! Each game mode is highly customizable, including a mini board option which is great for beginners, and a turbo mode to meet the needs of the twitchiest action puzzle pros.

Versus Mode pits you against a CPU opponent or another player, racing to make clears and score hits in a tug-of-war battle. In this mode, building chain reactions will slam your opponent's board with garbage - nasty blocks which can't be pushed, and can only be destroyed by clearing blocks next to them. The rules are simple, but the strategy runs deep - do you make rapid clears to pull ahead, or take the time to set up chains to gain a persistent advantage?

Puzzle Mode presents you with a pre-set game board, challenging you to meet a specific clear goal with a limited number of moves. Each character has their own 5x5 grid of puzzles for you to solve - start with the easy puzzles in the middle, working your way out to the tough ones at the edges and corners! If those puzzles aren't enough for you, a built-in Puzzle Editor lets you and your friends try to stump each other with puzzles of your own making, condensed into easily-shareable codes!

Story Mode sees you through choosing one character to challenge each of the others in a series of increasingly difficult Versus matches. Each match is preceded by a dialog scene, and every character's story is unique. Winning a match increases the difficulty, while losing lowers it - challenge yourself to get the intensity as high as you can!